was co-founded by Daniel Zillmer and David Zillmer in the summer of 2016; although this website is generations in the making.

When David was a child, Bart Starr was turning Green Bay into Titletown. When Daniel was a child, Brett Favre was restoring that glory. Today, they’re enjoying the Aaron Rodgers Era.

This website is 100% independent. Our promise is that you won’t ever see anything written to fit anyone else’s agenda or written just to get clicks.

Before launching this site, Daniel racked up 10 million+ page views writing about football, and other sports, for FanSided, NFL Spin Zone and College Spun (now The Spun), among many others. Most recently he, and David, were staff writers covering the Green Bay Packers for Pro Football Spot.

Articles written by Daniel have been featured on,, and to name a few outlets. Perhaps you read his article, “All 32 NFL Franchises Statistically Ranked in Order of Greatness” or maybe the Wisconsin State Journal’s write-up about it at

Now his and David’s focus is on building this website (and it’s archives).

They want to ceaselessly bring unrivaled context and analysis to the amazing, ever-unfolding, history of the Green Bay Packers. And they want to bring it to you — the greatest fans in the world.

Their hope with this site is to be a resource to new or casual fans, so that they could spend a day or two poking around on site and have a solid grasp on the history of the team. All while being there for the longtime, hardcore fans, so when they visit the site they can learn something brand new, have some memories sparked and fall deeper in love with this team.

They believe Packers fans are sick of clickbait and are ready, and eager, for long-form research-based articles. No hyperbole, no overt homerism; just two guys that respect this team, and its fanbase, keen on taking deeper looks than most.

On occasion, they’ll publish Wisconsin Badgers football articles because of the hefty crossover of Packers and Badgers fans. Both co-founders were born in Wisconsin and both have lived as Packer Backer transplants, but David is back in the homeland now.

“Big Z”, David’s father and Daniel’s grandfather, built bridges in the city of Green Bay. Now it’s their turn to build bridges to this franchise’s unparalleled past.



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For Official History:
For authoritative statements about Green Bay Packers history that have been officially sanctioned by the team, read the unmatched, and always interesting, library of Packers Historian Cliff Christl’s work here.
Cliff Christl is where we have to start. His attention to detail, painstaking research and reverence for the raw truth is unrivaled; he’s one of the last staunch newspapermen to cover this team. We offer our thanks to his life of work.
We’d also like to recognize and thank Lee Remmel for his superlative career of work. He was the original legend that we’ll always look up to in Packers coverage. He and Cliff impacted the way Packers fans consume content about their favorite team immensely. Which is similar to what Vernon Biever, and family, did with photography. We stand on the shoulders of these legends and only hope to add, even a tiny bit, to their legacies through our own style of covering this team’s history.
Outside of the Packers-specific bubble, our influences for this site include Ed and Steve Sabol of NFL Films, writer/personality Peter King and biographer David Maraniss.
Thank you all.