Hello fellow NFL history buff.

Collected here, for your convenience, is our ever-growing collection of our NFL-wide research pieces that serve to help contextualize the league’s history (links found below).

One facet of PackersHistory.com that we really enjoy is continually coming up with proprietary formulas, conducting independent research and relying our findings through objective all-time rankings for multiple facets of NFL history and its greatest players.

We don’t only write about the Packers, but that said, most of the NFL-wide pieces do include some of Green Bay’s most legendary players. That’s because you simply cannot tell the story of the NFL without a heavy dose of the Green Bay Packers.

That said, we do not use Packers greats in the test cases or models we use when creating and fine-tuning our unique formulas. Even though we are studious in our attempt for objectively, we refuse the possible urge to inflate any Packers’ legacy through our NFL-wide work.

We continue to create these formulas and rankings because far too much of what written about NFL history, and its legends, is steeped in opinion, legend, assumptions, bias and rampant recency bias.

We are here, even though we primarily write about the Green Bay Packers and its history, to cut through that noise. We are here for serious football fans that want to see how the NFL’s all-time greats compare to one another without the annoyance of biased opinions or favoring the modern game far beyond the NFL’s storied past.

What do the hard numbers say?

These pieces answer that question for some of the most hotly-debated topics in NFL circles. Because of the way NFL football constantly changes the biggest thing needed when discussing players “all-time” is context. We aim to bring that to context to you through these works.

What you’ll find here are links to the many different unique formula-based, research articles that rank the greatest NFL players, and franchises, across eras.

Just follow the links:

All 32 NFL Franchises Ranked by All-Time Greatness

The 50 Greatest Quarterbacks in NFL History

The 35 Greatest Quarterback Single-Seasons in NFL History

The 45 Greatest Quarterback Primes, or five-year stretches, in NFL History

The 40 Greatest Head Coaches in NFL History

The 75 Greatest Wide Receivers in NFL History (coming soon!)

The 50 Greatest Running Backs in NFL History (coming soon!)

The Top Individual Defensive Seasons since 1985 (coming soon!)

The 50 Most Statistically Dominant Players in NFL History

Top 30 Turnover-Producing Linebackers in NFL History

Top 30 Tight Ends in NFL History (coming soon!)

Top 75 Offensive Linemen in NFL History (coming soon!)

50 Most Iconic Defensive Players in NFL History (coming soon!)


These pieces aren’t necessarily statistically and objectively created, but they were done as fairly as possible and should be of interest to most NFL fans:

The 100th Anniversary All-Time All-NFC North Team

All Eight NFL Divisions Ranked by All-Time First Teams (coming soon!)

New Stat: Pressure Created Interceptions (Unique Pass Rushing Stat)


We will continue to add to this piece in the coming months and years as we analyze and contextualize more of NFL history.


Just for the hell of it, here are some of the most prominent men that built Green Bay into Titletown USA and helped lay the foundation for the NFL to grow into America’s most-loved sport.

Top Row Left to Right Clarke Hinkle, Curley Lambeau, Johnny Blood, Mike Michalske; Bottom Row Left to Right Arnie Herber, Tony Canadeo, Cal Hubbard, Don Hutson (Images From SWELL Football Cards, NFL Photos, Pro Football Hall of Fame, T.C.G., ENOR Corp; PackersHistory.com owns these Football Cards, but not the Images)


Thank you for checking out these pieces, it means a lot. Countless hours of work has gone into each individual article. We hope they brought you a bit of joy, and possibly a bit of appreciation for the vast history of the NFL, as you checked them out.