The Top 100 Green Bay Packers of All-Time


[Updated August 2019]

Hello there Packers fans, we’re glad to go on this historical journey with you.

Last year the Packers celebrated their 100th season, this year the NFL is celebrating its 100th season — here we’ve compiled the 100 greatest Packers of all-time.

As you know, the history of the Green Bay Packers is incredibly vast. The franchise has been around for a century and has won a championship in a record six different decades. There are so many notable names jostling for remembrance in the team’s remarkable history that a list such as this as subjective as it is respectful to all generations of Packers’ players.

This list wasn’t put together for any specific agenda, other than for the enjoyment of Green Bay fans. Some may agree with where certain players are ranked, others are certain to disagree.

This countdown isn’t scientific, but it wasn’t haphazardly thrown together either. The idea was hatched while sitting around a summer campfire, but then the work started. There was as much research conducted as there were rough drafts rewritten. For months the players on this list were debated and argued, but ultimately ranked using one criteria above the rest.

We asked ourselves:

How significantly did this player influence the unparalleled history, and culture, of the Green Bay Packers?

With that question at the front of our mind’s we assembled this top 100 countdown.

Of course we valued–and appropriately weighed–championships, statistics, individual honors and significant moments or plays made by every player on our list. We also attempted to quantify the leadership and other intangibles possessed by all players that made our preliminary list of all-time Packers (which was around 200 players).

From those 200 players considered, the list was whittled down to what you see today.

With that said, we maintain that just because a certain player is ranked higher on this list than another player at the same position doesn’t mean we think they were a better player necessarily — we just think that their influence on the culture in Green Bay was more significant.

Thus, these aren’t necessarily the top 100 football players to ever play in Green Bay. This list is the top 100 Green Bay Packers of all-time.

The inaugural list was created in 2017 and will be updated every three years to accommodate new players that may possibly make the list.

Here they are, the top 100 Green Bay Packers of all-time:

100. Ken Bowman C (1964-1973): Snapped the ball to Bart Starr on his “Ice Bowl” sneak.

99. Josh Sitton G (2008-2015): One of the best to ever guard Aaron Rodgers.

98. Vonnie Holliday DE (1998-2002): A burgeoning star at the turn of the millennium.

97. Sam Shields CB (2010-Present): Had a knack for making the big play at the right time.

96. Charley Brock C, LB (1939-1947): A two-way sensation; a two-time NFL Champion.

95. Jesse Whittenton CB (1958-1964): Underrated facet of Vince Lombardi’s first two Championships.

94.Travis Williams KR, HB (1967-1970): Short career, but a revolutionary return man.

93. Don Majkowski QB (1987-1992): The “Majik Man” was dynamic in 1989 and, unfortunately, got hurt at the right time in 1992.

92. Ryan Pickett DT (2006-2013): The phrase “Spill it, Pickett” still gives Packers fans goosebumps today.

91. Tim Lewis CB (1983-1986): If not for a neck injury, this ballhawk would still be a household name today.

90. Ron Kramer TE (1957-1964): One of the most effective players on the Packers’ dominant 1962 team.

89. Mark Tauscher T (2000-2010): Should be known as “Mr. Reliable”; is known as a fan-favorite.

88. Dave Hanner DT (1952-1964): The “Hawg” excelled in the 1950s and snagged two rings in the 1960s.

87. Desmond Howard KR (1996): In one season in Green Bay he rewrote the record books and was named Super Bowl XXXI MVP. Not bad.

86. Ted Fritsch FB (1942-1950): Amassed a whopping 31 touchdowns; led the league with 10 in 1946.

85. Willie Buchanon CB (1972-1978): A player Packers fans took pride in during “The Lean Years”.

84. Robert Brooks WR (1992-1998): Popularized the “Lambeau Leap” during his unforgettable 1995 season.

83. B.J. Raji DT (2009-2015): “The Freezer” saved his best play for the Packers’ 2010 Super Bowl run.

82. Mike Flanagan C (1998-2005): A Pro Bowler that anchored one of the best offensive lines in team history.

81. Ezra Johnson DE (1977-1987): Pass rushing specialist that doesn’t receive as much credit as he deserves.

80. Johnnie Gray S (1975-1983): A consistent safety that routinely got his hands on the ball (22 interceptions and 22 fumble recoveries).

79. Cecil Isbell TB, QB (1938-1942): Was listed as a tailback, but led the NFL in passing yards and touchdowns — twice.

78. Tobin Rote QB (1950-1956): One of the lone bright spots for the Packers of the 1950s.

77. Edgar Bennett RB (1992-1996): An elite pass-catching back that helped bring the Lombardi Trophy home. Among the best running backs in team history.

76. Donny Anderson RB, P (1966-1971): A dynamic pass-catching running back that revolutionized how players punt the football, even today.

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