Packers Fans Tailgating In 20 Degree Weather Outside of Lambeau Field Before Divisional Round Clash with Seattle

It's the most beautiful place on earth

January 12, 2020 - Fans Outside of Lambeau Field

There’s absolutely nothing more magnificent than Packers fans in their natural habitat — tailgating.

It’s twenty degrees outside right now and the Packers faithful are out in full force! This evening, the Green Bay Packers are hosting the Seattle Seahawks with a trip to the NFC Conference Championship on the line.

So… does it feel bitter cold outside?

No, it’s simply postseason Lambeau Field weather!

As a few members of our team roamed some of the multiple tailgates rocking all around Lambeau Field, numerous groups of fans posed for for us for some unique tailgating pictures!

Thanks to the gracious fans — the best fans in the world — for creating a pregame experience so special and for enthusiastically posing for our site. We appreciate the camaraderie this fanbase has and the passion it has before the game even starts.

There is no place on earth like outside of Lambeau Field prior to a playoff game, against a rival, in 20 degree weather.

Here are a few of the awesome fans:

Fans from all over the Midwest ready for the game! To the man in the sombrero – thank you for your service! We learned he was a vet and has actually seen the Packers win their last two Super Bowls in the flesh. Everyone else in the pic just got their season tickets after waiting 30 years. Congrats!

But the fun didn’t end there.

Here’s a few more fans:

They know, with drinks in hand, how to stay warm at Lambeau Field!

More fans posed for our cameras:

No fellas, to answer your question, we aren’t filming some sort of “Green Bay Gone Wild” thing! Ha!

You just love seeing camouflage keeping Packers fans warm; this team and its fans are so unique.

Here’s a few other shots from pregame:

They don’t look cold at all!

Nothing better than when a simple parking lot becomes a wonderland of memories.

Booze, food and coats. Yep, it’s January in Green Bay.

These folks are experienced at this whole tailgating thing! When you think of Packers fans tailgating, this set up is just what comes to mind.

However this was perhaps our favorite moment captured while out with the tailgaters:

Click here for an absolutely perfect video of the tailgate featuring people drinking, dancing and playing catch with a football while a cover band plays “Don’t Stop Believing” — Amazing.

Thank you for being awesome Packers fans. Now lets get this win!


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