All 32 NFL Franchises Ranked by Statistical Formula

What will the list look like next year?

NFL Franchise Rankings – Following the 2016 Season:

↑ = Moved up in ranking; ↓ = Moved down in ranking; as a result of the 2016 NFL season. The “X points gained” refers to how many points each franchise added from the previous season.

1. Green Bay Packers: 760 Points (10 points gained)
2. Pittsburgh Steelers: 654 Points (10 points gained; gained one spot) ↑
3. New York Giants: 650 Points (4 points gained; fell one spot) ↓
4. Chicago Bears: 602 Points (0 points gained)
5. Dallas Cowboys: 600 Points (10 points gained)
6. San Fransisco 49ers: 556 Points (0 points gained)
7. Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts: 518 Points (0 points gained)
8. Boston/Washington “Redskins”: 492 Points (0 points gained)
9. Cleveland/Los Angeles/St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams: 466 Points (8 points gained)
10. New England Patriots: 436 Points (40 points gained; rose three spots) ↑

11. Cleveland Browns: 430 Points (0 points gained; fell one spot) ↓
12. Oakland/Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders: 420 Points (8 points gained; rose one spot) ↑
13. Minnesota Vikings: 414 Points (0 points gained; fell two spots) ↓
14. Denver Broncos: 382 Points (8 points gained)
15. Miami Dolphins: 362 Points (12 points gained)
16. Philadelphia Eagles: 330 Points (0 points gained)
17. Detroit Lions: 314 Points (4 points gained)
18. Buffalo Bills: 246 Points (0 points gained)
19. Kansas City Chiefs: 234 Points (10 points gained)
20. Seattle Seahawks: 224 Points (18 points gained; rose one spot) ↑

21. Chicago/St. Louis/Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals: 212 Points (0 points gained; fell one spot) ↓
22. San Diego Chargers: 208 Points (8 points gained; took sole possession of 22nd place) ↑
23. Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans: 200 Points (0 points gained; fell one spot) ↓
24. Cincinnati Bengals: 154 (0 points gained)
25. Baltimore Ravens: 152 Points (0 points gained)
26. New Orleans Saints: 144 Points (8 points gained; rose one spot) ↑
27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 142 Points (0 points gained; fell one spot) ↓
28. Atlanta Falcons: 134 Points (30 points gained; rose one spot) ↑
29. New York Jets: 130 Points (0 points gained; fell one spot) ↓
30. Carolina Panthers: 98 Points (0 points gained)
31. Houston Texans: 42 Points (0 points gained)
32. Jacksonville Jaguars: 36 Points (0 points gained)


For the first time in this rankings’s history (dating back to the summer of 2014) we have a change in the top-10 — two of them, actually.
As a result of the 2016 NFL season, the Pittsburgh Steelers overtook the New York Giants as the 2nd greatest franchise in NFL history (for now) and the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots made a HUGE jump from 13th place to 10th place all-time in one (great) season. That knocked the Cleveland Browns out of the top-10… and it doesn’t look like they’ll be getting back anytime soon.

On top of that, it appears as though the Dallas Cowboys are closing in on the Chicago Bears for the 4th all-time spot on the list. The Minnesota Vikings, who were previously on the verge of cracking the top-10 all-time, fell two spots down to 13th in NFL history. The runner-up Atlanta Falcons added 30 points, moved up a spot, and seem poised to rise up the list rapidly in the near future, too.

To see how the rankings changed following the 2017 season, go to the Page 6.

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