All 32 NFL Franchises Ranked by Statistical Formula

What will the list look like next year?

NFL Franchise Rankings – Following the 2018 Season:

↑ = Moved up in ranking; ↓ = Moved down in ranking; as a result of the 2018 NFL season. The “X points gained” refers to how many points each franchise added from the previous season.

1. Green Bay Packers: 768 Points (0 points gained)
2. Pittsburgh Steelers: 664 Points (0 points gained)
3. New York Giants: 650 Points (0 points gained)
4. Chicago Bears: 620 Points (10 points gained)
5. Dallas Cowboys: 618 Points (18 points gained)
6. San Francisco 49ers: 564 Points (0 points gained)
7. Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts: 522 Points (4 points gained)
8. New England Patriots: 510 Points (48 points gained; rose two spots)↑
9. Cleveland/Los Angeles/St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams: 508 Points (24 points gained)↔
10. Boston/Washington “Redskins”: 500 Points (0 points gained; fell two spots)↓

11. Minnesota Vikings: 432 Points (0 points gained)
12. Cleveland Browns: 430 Points (0 points gained)
13. Oakland/Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders: 420 Points (0 points gained)
14. Denver Broncos: 398 Points (16 points gained)
15. Philadelphia Eagles: 382 Points (4 points gained)
16. Miami Dolphins: 362 Points (0 points gained)
17. Detroit Lions: 314 Points (0 points gained)
18. Kansas City Chiefs: 282 Points (38 points gained; rose one spot)↑
19. Buffalo Bills: 250 Points (0 points gained; fell one spot)↓
20. Seattle Seahawks: 228 Points (4 points gained)

21. (TIE) Chicago/St. Louis/Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals: 212 Points (0 points gained)
21. (TIE) Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans: 212 Points (0 points gained)
21. (TIE) San Diego Chargers: 212 Points (0 points gained)
24. Baltimore Ravens: 178 Points (18 points gained)
25. New Orleans Saints: 164 (10 points gained; rose one spot)↑
26. Cincinnati Bengals: 154 Points (0 points gained; fell one spot) ↓
27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 142 Points (0 points gained)
28. (TIE) Atlanta Falcons: 138 Points (0 points gained)
28. (TIE) New York Jets: 138 Points (8 points gained; rose one spot)↑
30. Carolina Panthers: 102 Points (0 points gained)
31. Houston Texans: 52 Points (10 points gained; rose one spot)↑
32. Jacksonville Jaguars: 46 Points (0 points gained)↓


The New England Patriots… what else can be said? They’re now ranked 8th all-time and are climbing fast. They jumped two teams this year. The Rams, the Super Bowl loser, added a boatload of points, too. But instead of moving up, they were leapfrogged by the Patriots. Yeah, this list truly follows NFL history because had the Rams won that game, they’d still be ahead of the Pats.

For the first time in this list’s history the top three franchises all failed to add points. It’s the first time ever the Packers haven’t added a single point in a season. Yet they still own a 100+ point lead on the second place team. They’re safe… for now. A theme in this ranking since its inaugural list is the Cowboys chasing the Bears for a coveted top-4 position in the ranking. They trail the Bears by just two points now.

Amazingly, for the first time ever we have a three-way tie. The Cardinals, Chargers and Titans are tied for 21st in NFL history greatness (one very old NFL franchise and two former AFL teams). And the Jaguars are back in the all-time NFL franchise cellar. They had fought their way out of that spot, but are back there again. Whomp, whomp.

There was a lot of movement in franchises all-time as a result of the 2018 NFL season.

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