All 32 NFL Franchises Ranked by Statistical Formula

What will the list look like next year?

NFL Franchise Rankings – Following the 2017 Season:

↑ = Moved up in ranking; ↓ = Moved down in ranking; as a result of the 2017 NFL season. The “X points gained” refers to how many points each franchise added from the previous season.

1. Green Bay Packers: 768 Points (8 points gained)
2. Pittsburgh Steelers: 664 Points (10 points gained)
3. New York Giants: 650 Points (0 points gained)
4. Chicago Bears: 610 Points (8 points gained)
5. Dallas Cowboys: 600 Points (0 points gained)
6. San Francisco 49ers: 564 Points (8 points gained)
7. Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts: 518 Points (0 points gained)
8. Boston/Washington “Redskins”: 500 Points (8 points gained)
9. Cleveland/Los Angeles/St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams: 484 Points (18 points gained)
10. New England Patriots: 462 Points (26 points gained)

11. Minnesota Vikings: 432 Points (18 points gained; rose two spots) ↑
12. Cleveland Browns: 430 Points (0 points gained; fell one spot) ↓
13. Oakland/Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders: 420 Points (0 points gained; fell one spot) ↓
14. Denver Broncos: 382 Points (0 points gained)
15. Philadelphia Eagles: 378 Points (48 points gained; rose one spot) ↑
16. Miami Dolphins: 362 Points (0 points gained; fell one spot) ↓
17. Detroit Lions: 314 Points (0 points gained)
18. Buffalo Bills: 250 Points (4 points gained)
19. Kansas City Chiefs: 244 Points (10 points gained)
20. Seattle Seahawks: 224 Points (0 points gained)

21. TIE) Chicago/St. Louis/Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals: 212 Points (0 points gained)
21. (TIE) Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans: 212 Points (12 points gained; rose two spots) ↑
23. San Diego Chargers: 208 Points (0 points gained; fell one spot) ↓
24. Baltimore Ravens: 160 Points (8 points gained; rose one spot) ↑
25. (TIE) Cincinnati Bengals: 154 (0 points gained; fell one spot) ↓
25. (TIE) New Orleans Saints: 154 Points (10 points gained; rose one spot) ↑
27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 142 Points (0 points gained)
28. Atlanta Falcons: 138 Points (4 points gained)
29. New York Jets: 130 Points (0 points gained)
30. Carolina Panthers: 102 Points (4 points gained)
31. Jacksonville Jaguars: 46 Points (10 points gained; rose one spot) ↑
32. Houston Texans: 42 Points (0 points gained; fell one spot) ↓


The Chicago Bears have held off the Dallas Cowboys for 4th all-time in the NFL franchise rankings (after the 2016 season, it seemed like Dallas was primed to surpass them by the end of the next season). Washington is the eighth franchise to join the 500-point club.

The New England Patriots have firmly planted themselves within the top-10 all-time of NFL franchises. Their lead over the Vikings, Browns and Raiders is pretty safe for the time being. Speaking of the Minnesota Vikings, they’ve worked their way back to original ranking, 11th, after falling to 13th following the 2016 season.

The Carolina Panthers cracked the 100-point plateau (now all but two NFL franchises have at least that many points). Houston, regrettably, fell back to the bottom of the NFL, which they had fought to get away from following the 2015 season.

The Green Bay Packers had a 68 point lead on the next closest franchise (Giants) in the inaugural ranking — following the 2013 season. They now own a 104 point lead on the second place Steelers. Which is amazing, because they haven’t won even a conference championship in that time period. Yet the New England Patriots continue to add a boatload of points to their all-time total.

Predictably, the Philadelphia Eagles took a huge leap as a result of the 2017 season. They leaped the Miami Dolphins and are breathing down the Denver Broncos’ necks. Winning really does make a difference, huh.

To see how the rankings changed following the 2018 season, go to the Page 7.

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